Plymouth Energy, LLC (PE) was established in 2005 in order to design, build, own and operate an ethanol plant in Plymouth County. Since the company's founding, they have researched the ethanol industry, acquired the land option, engaged a project management company, completed preliminary layout, completed the air permit application, received a EPC contract for design and construction, preordered stainless steel, interviewed marketing companies and discussed marketing agreements with other producers.  Together, the owners have invested significant cash and sweat equity in PE and developed the structure to offer investment opportunity and ownership to residents in the area.

Located in Merrill, Iowa, PE is 20 miles northeast of Sioux City in the heart of some of the Corn Belt's most productive corn producing land.  The site is 57 acres on the north side of Merrill and adjacent to the BNSF mainline railroad, was purchased by the founders with the intent to develop both a nameplate 50 million gallons of undenatured ethanol per year (mgy) ethanol plant with the capability to expand.

Operating from its location in western Iowa, the plant is well positioned to serve local markets as well as current and anticipated markets in western and southwestern United States.  With high energy and fuel prices and an increasing demand for ethanol as a fuel additive and extender, an attractive opportunity exists for well conceived and designed ethanol projects to become a part of this country's energy mix.

The plan, which calls for a nameplate 50mgy undenatured ethanol plant will also produce approximately 175,000 tons (at 11%M.) of wet (WDG) and dried distillers grains (DDGS) for sale to livestock and feedlot operations in the local market area and for rail shipment to markets throughout the country.  When operating at full capacity, ethanol and DDGS will be produced from approximately 18.5 million bushels of corn feedstock, most of which will be grown within 60 miles of the ethanol plant.

Fiona Calnan, Chairperson
Jim Galvin, CEO & President
Eamonn Byrne, COO & Director
Steve Meyer, CFO & Director
Kieran Calnan, Director
Tom Mannix, Director

Jim Galvin
CEO & President
Eamonn Byrne
COO & Director
Steve Meyer
CFO & Director
Mike Isom
Plant Manager
Keith Schubert
Environmental Health & Safety
Dan Nelson
Commodities Manager
Cathi Pelelo
Lab Manager
Craig Oetken
Purchasing Manager

Nick Becker 
Operations Manager

Tyler Glenn
Maintenance Manager

Josh Hanks
Commodities Supervisor

Kathi Droegmiller
Settlement Coordinator

Leveraging a professional management team and trusted partners, PE intends to be an efficient, low cost producer of ethanol and DDGS, primarily owned by hundreds of local investors.  PE will be an economic engine for Plymouth and surrounding counties by providing quality jobs, a safe working environment, investment income, economic activity and increased corn prices.


Plymouth Energy intends to operate a safe environmentally secure and economically efficient plant while leveraging local resources.  It will use local labor after providing necessary training for plant operations.  PE intends to be an active participant in the local community, the ethanol industry and the State of Iowa.

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