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·        DISPOSITION: Please provide the scale operator with accurate information regarding owner’s name or names of split. All corn delivered will be applied to existing contracts or will be priced at the closing bid the day of delivery unless other arangements have been made. Contract overrun bushels will be priced at the closing bid on the day of delivery. All corn must be priced on the day of delivery!
·        PAYMENT: Checks will be issued weekly, if we have a signed contract on file. 
·        DELIVERY: Monday thru Friday with hours subject to change with plant needs. Please call ahead or check website for current grain dump hours. 
         GRADE REQUIREMENTS for #2 YELLOW CORN: Moisture: 15.0%
                                                                                      Damage: 5.0%
                                                                                      FM: 3.0%
·        Moisture Discount: Moisture Shrink of 1.5% for each 1% above 15.0% moisture. Plus $0.01discount per 1/2% over 15% .There will be no load averaging. Corn over 16% is subject to rejection.
·        Damage Discount: 2 cents for each one-half percent from 5.1 to 10.0 percent. 4 cents for each one-half over 10.0 percent. Over 10 percent is subject to rejection.
·        Broken Corn and Foreign Material: 1 cent for each one-half percent from 3.1 to 5.0, 2 cents for each one-half percent over 5.1. Over 7.1 subject to rejection. 
·        Test Weight: 1 cent for each one-half pound 53.9 to 50.0, 2 cents for each one-half pound under 49.9. Under 45 is subject to rejection.
·        Musty, Sour, Weevils: 10 cents per bushel and is subject to rejection.
·        Other: Rodent or bird contamination, stones, glass or other commercially undesirable foreign material will be subject to rejection.

Price Later Contracts
·         Lakeview-Plymouth Grain Co., LLC, will be offering Price Later Contracts subject to room
·        If you are interested in the service please contract Roger for details at 712-938-2210. 
·        Total amount of corn placed may be limited. 
·        Corn must meet #2 yellow corn standards.
·        If over 15% moisture corn will be shrunk to 15% at the rate of 1.5% per point. Plus $0.01 discount  per 1/2% over 15%
·        All contracts will expire on April 30th , 2019. 
·        Corn applied to a Price Later contract will be priced against the spot market only, forward pricing of PL corn is not allowed.

Cost of Price Later will be .15 cents per bushel minimum plus .05 cents per month after Jan 1st 2019 subject to change per PL contract. All price later contracts need to be placed before delivery is made.

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